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Thursday, February 25, 2010
* Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu! written by Nanoy Rafael and illustrated by Sergio Bumatay III (Adarna House, 2008) will be published in translation next year by the Swedish publishing house Trasten. Woot woot! Philippines in the heart, world on the mind!

Thanks to Chen of Trasten publishing house for this great news. =D

* I've guest blogged at Zoe Toft's Playing by the book. I sang the praises of three Asian fantasies for kids and teens and Zoe suggested songs and activities to go with the books! =D


Candy Gourlay said...

wow that's so cool! congrats to nanoy rafael and sergio bumatay!

Tarie said...

They totally deserve it! =D

ka jerson said...

cheers! level up Philippines!

Tarie said...

Hahaha. I like that. "Level up." =D

adarnahouse said...

Hi Tarie!

It's not yet "officially official" (haha), but we ARE currently happily negotiating the translation rights with Trasten. (We haven't even told Nanoy and Serj yet!) We will surely write about it on our blog once it's all set in stone, so please do keep your fingers crossed for us. Thanks for the nod of encouragement! :)

^ Ergoe
(Marketing - Adarna House)

Tarie said...

Eeeps. So sorry for preempting your announcement! I was just so happy about it. =D

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