Wardah Books

Sunday, May 23, 2010

There's a lovely little bookstore called Wardah Books near the Sultan Mosque in Singapore. Wardah Books "is an independent bookstore specialising in Sufism and Islamic philosophy." They "carry a spectrum of titles ranging from children's books to Prophetic sirah and translations of the Qur'an; from history to the latest nasyeed."

I walked into Wardah Books and made a beeline for the children's books.

The store clerk was very nice and he helped me choose these titles:

The Best Eid Ever, written by Asma Mobin-Uddin and illustrated by Laura Jacobsen (Boyds Mills Press, 2007)
The Boy Without A Name, written by Idries Shah and illustrated by Mona Caron (Hoopoe Books, 2007)

Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story, written by Hena Khan and illustrated by Julie Paschkis (Chronicle Books, 2008)

Looking forward to visiting Wardah Books again next year!


de Pizan said...

The cover for "The Boy Without a Name" is absolutely gorgeous.

Tarie said...

Hi, de Pizan. :o) Yes, it is! It's enough to make one swoon!

Kieren said...

oH, I wonder if my book was there, "Chinese and English Nursery Rhymes: Stories and Songs to Share", Tuttle publishing, April , 2010. It's a book of traditional Chinese rhymes paired with similar rhymes in English, with pinyin pronunciation, and a cd of kids singing the rhymes in both languages.

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