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Friday, June 11, 2010
New blog alert! :o) Children's and young adult literature critic Irene Ying-Yu Chen has started a blog on children's and young adult literature in Taiwan. Go and check out iRead Taiwan and Beyond! :o)

Below are a couple of pictures of me with Irene. I had the great pleasure of meeting her at the Asian Festival of Children's Content.


nathaliemvondo said...

Postmarked for when I update the multicultural blog roll on MR. Thanks!

Tarie said...

Thanks too, Nathalie!

iRead Taiwan and Beyond said...

Hi Tarie. Thanks for this! Actually I am inspired by your dedication to Asian books, so I want to do my bits as well. It's funny that actually I was bewildered why my blog's name was on your blog! (I thought my laptop got cranky!)

Haha, look forward to seeing you soon again. Enjoy the summer yet stay cool with the breeze!


Tarie said...

You are quite welcome, Irene! Thank you for blogging about children's and young adult literature in Taiwan. :o)

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