GIVEAWAY: Tall Story by Candy Gourlay

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Andi hasn't seen her brother for eight years and when he steps off the plane from the Philippines, she cannot believe her eyes. He's tall. EIGHT FOOT TALL.

But Bernardo is not what he seems. Bernardo is a hero, Bernardo works miracles, and Bernardo has an amazing story to tell.

Last night was the launch of the Philippine edition of Tall Story by Candy Gourlay (Cacho Publishing House, 2010).

Below is Ramón C. Sunico, the Philippine editor and publisher of Tall Story. He has cried each and every time he has read Tall Story. (It has made me cry, too. It is such a touching story about a long-lost brother and sister. Click here to read a few of my comments on the book and my interview with the author.)

Below is the inspiring author herself, talking about how getting her book published in the U.K. (by David Fickling Books), the U.S. (also by David Fickling Books), and the Philippines is one of the best things that has ever happened to her.

The very best things to ever happen to Candy Gourlay are her husband Richard and her children Nick, Jack, and Mia.

What a beautiful family!!

Candy's gorgeous, gorgeous family and friends sang during the book launch. Candy conducted, of course!

Guess who I met at the book launch? My fellow Filipina YA book blogger Chachic of Chachic's Book Nook! It was great hanging out with you, Chachic!

I am giving away two SIGNED copies of the Philippine edition of Tall Story. The Philippine edition of Tall Story is a collector's edition. It is in paperback and has a different cover from the U.K. and the U.S. editions. It is in English and it is illustrated - the U.K. and U.S. editions are not illustrated. The Philippine edition also includes a glossary, notes, and discussion guides (not included in the U.K. and U.S. editions) for teachers and librarians who want to use the book in the classroom or for reading groups.

To join this giveaway (and absolutely everyone is welcome to join), leave a comment for this post. Please give your name, your email address, . . . and the name of a giant in literature or a real-life "giant"! The winners will be chosen randomly next Thursday, July 29. They will be two very lucky readers indeed. =D

Tall Story: A story about magic, culture clash and basketball.


Anonymous said...

Name: Kenneth Yu
Email Address: pdofsf(at)yahoo(dot)com

Name of a giant in literature or a real-life "giant":

Hmm...all of 7'6", Yao Ming! :)

petrufied said...

yahoo contest! <3 :D

Nicole Bautista nikkobautista at gmail dot com!!

Tatay from Ang Higante sa Loob ng Aming Bahay by Raymund Garlitos, PBBY Salanga Prize 2009 :D

Tarie said...

Whoa. AWESOME answer, Nicole!!!

Chachic said...

Yay, Tarie! Thanks again for inviting me, I had so much fun hanging out with you and discussing books with everyone. :) You got some great pictures, I love the one of the display. Haha I remember you saying "Oooh I should take a picture of the display."

Good luck to those who are entering the contest!

Aldrin said...

Aldrin Calimlim
Rubeus Hagrid, of course.:)

ka jerson said...

1. Jerson Capuyan
3. Philippine Children's Lit giant, Batibot exec. producer... Rene O. Villanueva :)

Anonymous said...

Andrea Danae Villanueva
The BFG ^_^

Chen said...

I cried too...

Vasilly said...

What a great giveaway!

1330vblog AT gmail DOT com (Sorry I had to do it that way but I'm trying to avoid spammers.)

A giant in real life is my little brother. I'm two years older than him but I have to take a step back and look up to him when I want to talk to him!

MissAttitude said...

willbprez AT aol dot com

Hmm I don't know many giants. A giant in my life is my father, even though he's not considered tall :)

campbele said...

edicampbell at gmail dot com

I hate to sound corny, but I have to say a giant for me these days is Barak Obama. Every time I look at that man it amazes me that he is the president of the United States.

Jayson said...

Jayson Vega

"The tallest man in medical history for whom there is irrefutable evidence is Robert Pershing Wadlow. He was born at Alton, Illinois, USA, on February 22, 1918, and when he was last measured on June 27, 1940, was found to be 2.72 m (8 ft 11.1 in) tall." - from the Guinness World Records -

Doret said...

happynappybookseller at gmail dot com

A giant in real life? hmmmm, I will keep it on a basketball tip and say Bill Russell. Not as tall as Yao Ming but he has 11 Championship Rings.

Tarie - thanks so much for doing this giveaway. I am looking forward to reading your review.

Anonymous said...

Noelle Rodriguez

Real Life Giant -- He'll get so embarrassed but I have to get this giveaway, so it is my husband Jomo Kwame Sundaram. Not only is he literally a giant at 6 '3 but also a giant in his accomplishments -- his work despite all the odds, as an economist especially for developing countries and against poverty.

RayVi said...

"Doret said...

A giant in real life? hmmmm, I will keep it on a basketball tip and say Bill Russell. Not as tall as Yao Ming but he has 11 Championship Rings."

Yay-- I am a Bill Russell fan too!

Good luck to everyone in the contest.

Evert said...

Hey, it's Chachic! haha :)

Evert Callueng
The giant in Jack and the Beanstalk!

Anonymous said...

Isaac Usi

My answer is so old school: Andre the Giant. I used to watch him on WWF along with other classic faves Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior :)

Anonymous said...

Eric Manalastas [eric.manalastas @ gmail]. I pick Edward Bloom, from Daniel Wallace's 1998 novel "Big Fish" - the dead father who looms like a mythic giant in his son's eyes and memory, as some dads tend to be for certain sons =)

liza said...

hi, tarie! It was good to meet you, standing in the pasta line.

liza flores - liza.flores (at)

my favorite philippine mythical creature is the giant, buringkantada. but i don't think it has a name. bernardo carpio na lang.

Tarie said...

It was great talking with you, Liza! :o)

Anonymous said...

The great giant.. FEE FI FO FUM!! LALAINE ABELLA :-D

Medeia Sharif said...

Thanks for hosting this contest. I'm glad I stopped by today.

Medeia Sharif, sharif(at)sharifwrites(dot)com

A giant: Fezzik from The Princess Bride, who was played by Andre the Giant.

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually lucky with these contests, but anyways:

1. April

2. You already know my email, so... :D

3. Thanks to the AFP articles, I'll have to say Bao Xishun of China who stands at 7'9 but I like the Iron Giant better ^_^

fantaghiro23 said...

Aw, wish I could've been there at the book launch. Anyway, will join your contest, too.:)

1. Honey

2. fantaghiro23 at yahoo dot com

3. My two kids, Rayce and Rocio. They're much, much smaller than me but, by golly, can they fee-fi-fo-fum!

MarjoleinBookBlog said...

Hi, I would love to be entered, great blog by the way, As I love Asian fiction!

RM1(SS) (ret) said...

1. James
2. lordalasdair (at) gmail (dot) com
3. The engineer on my first boat was 6'4 - is that close enough to a giant? 8) It was always amusing seeing someone that tall trying to walk around inside a submarine....

Celina said...

Love your blog Tarie! Chachic was the one who referred it to me.:) Here's my entry:

1) Celina

2) celina_bacani (at) yahoo (dot) com

3) Andre the Giant (the wrestler) :D

Celestine said...

Wow, this sounds like a very interesting book! We need more YA lit hehe :)

Name: Celestine Trinidad
Email: yellow DOT tulips AT gmail DOT com
Name of a giant in literature: Glew, from the Chronicles of Prydain books by Lloyd Alexander, which is my absolute favorite fantasy series. :) Glew was a self-centered small man who through sorcery grew into a giant. I remember not exactly liking him at the beginning, but he had a lot of (pardon the pun) character growth throughout the series. :)

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