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9-25-2010 Miscellany

* New blog alert! Filipino children's book author/illustrator May Tobias-Papa has a new blog, Little Wishing Star. May is charming, her work is charming, and her new blog is charming. Ch-ch-check it out!

* The Philippine Board on Books for Young People (promoters of literacy, the love of reading, and children's books in the Philippines) also has a new blog. Be sure to watch that space!

* Korean American children's and young adult author Paula Yoo is a guest blogger over at angry asian man. She gathered several librarians for a roundtable discussion on Asian American children's and young adult literature. EPIC.

* During the Manila International Book Fair last week, I gave a presentation on blogging about children's and young adult literature. =D

* ETA: And ooohhh, check out this site. It "contains reviews, articles, interviews, recommendations and blog posts related to: books and multimedia (in the English Language) for Muslim children and young adults (Islamic as well as some general fiction and non-fiction) . . . tips and issues surrounding reading, books and literacy"!


  1. aww, you are so sweet. thanks, tarie! =)

  2. Tarie, I wish I had been able to listen to your presentation! I'm really interested to hear what you have to share. :)

  3. I miss you, Chris! How have you been? :o)

  4. Hey, Tarie! I've missed chatting with you! I'm back to blogging again. I'm in Manila for a few more weeks before I head back to the boondocks. :) What are you reading now? Heaven knows I have to stock up on a lot of books because it might be a while before I return to the city! :P Any suggestions?

  5. Ooohhh. Hmmm. For adult stuff, try reading the works of Jhumpa Lahiri . . . and the works of Nikolai Gogol! Hehehe. =D

    For YA . . . Have you read Shiver and Linger? And have you finished the Hunger Games trilogy?

  6. I've read The Namesake and Interpreter of Maladies but I'm not quite sure I'm ready to bring Gogol to my idyllic little world! Hahaha!

    I haven't read Shiver and Linger! Are we waiting on a third book for this series? Would you believe I haven't touched the Hunger Games yet? Now that Mockingjay is out, I think I might just buy the whole set to bring home. :D

  7. Lahiri has another collection of short stories: Unaccustomed Earth. I am currently reading "The Overcoat" by Gogol. =D

    I don't think there is another book after Shiver and Linger. I haven't read the Hunger Games yet either! But I know I should. I just don't have the time yet!

  8. Ooooh! I think I'll pick up Unaccustomed Earth. I do enjoy Indian literature. Thanks for the recommendation! :) Right now I'm reading Marius Brill's Making Love and Scarlett Thomas' The End of Mr. Y, both metafictional, philosophical mysteries and I think Jhumpa Lahiri will be a welcome change of pace.

    Are you picking up Hunger Games any time soon? What keeps you busy these days?

  9. I don't think I'll be picking up the Hunger Games anytime soon because I don't need to feature it on any of my blogs. So many other blogs have already done a good job reviewing it!

    What keeps me busy these days? . . . My MA thesis!

  10. Good luck with that! What's your thesis on?

  11. On Asian American middle grade fiction! *\o/*


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