Saturday, March 12, 2011
All I could do yesterday was follow the news and try to contact my friends in Japan. Now, more than ever, I have Asia in the heart and the world on my mind. I pray for all the people and countries affected by the earthquakes and tsunami, but most especially for Japan.

Stay safe, everyone.


Doret said...

Tarie- I hope you get to speak to your friends soon. I am thinking good thoughts for everyone in that region. And I will be sending my donation through the Red Cross.

Tarie said...

Thank you, Doret! And yes, I was finally able to contact all my friends. Whew. :o)

de Pizan said...

On the song I was listening to when I read this post, the last lyrics were:
"Things can be dark and things can be dangerous
But the road's not so dark when we walk it together,
wait by the wayside for me." (the song is "Wayside" by Scott Cook)
I thought that was especially appropriate to the situation in Japan, and the way people/countries can pull together in the aftermath of tragedy.

Tarie said...

Thanks for sharing the song, de Pizan. :o)

Doret said...

Tarie - Very happy to hear you were able to reach your friends. I hope you don't mind but I borrowed Asia in my Heart for Color Online post heading.

Do you know if all of Japan was impacted by the earthquake and Tsunami?

Tarie said...

Doret, my friends say that it was northern Japan that was hit hard (people lost their homes, etc.). ARGH. So frustrating. I wish I could go up there to hand out bottled water, blankets, food, and whatever else is needed. ARRRGGGHHHHH.

Rona Go said...

It is indeed devastating. But just like a video I watched, with all these happening, do we respond with fear or love? Sharing this link to you and your readers -

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