What shall I make? by Nandini Nayar and Proiti Roy

Friday, February 24, 2012

What shall I make?, written by Nandini Nayar and illustrated by Proiti Roy (Tulika Publishers, 2006)

Neeraj's mother is making chapatis while Neeraj squeezes, rolls, pokes, pats, pulls, pinches, and presses some of the chapati dough into a snake. . . a mouse. . . a cat. . . a lion! And the entire time Neeraj's mother is playing too, helping Neeraj control the dough animals. "A snake! A snake! It's going to bite me!" Neeraj yells. "Roll it up, quick, quick!" says his mother. Naturally, in the end the dough becomes the best chapati Neeraj has ever eaten.

Like a hot chapati, this fun little book about imagination and play is light and puffy, but ultimately warming and filling and satisfying because it is also about quality family bonding time. And like chapatis, What shall I make? should be shared with family, friends, students, and other loved ones.

[I bought my own copy of What shall I make?]


jonyangorg said...

I kind of love chapatis. This book must be the greatest.

Nandini Nayar said...

Thanks for a great review of my book!
Nandini Nayar

Tarie said...

Jon, it's a little chapati of a book!

Nandini, wow! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. =D

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Tan Lee Na said...

i have a tamil version but i can't understand at all! i just guess the meaning from the picture, my little girl like it so much!

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