Saturday, March 27, 2010

My beautiful cousin Kate, who lives in Manama, Bahrain, has sent me a copy of Abdullah and His Grandfather, written by Andy McNab and illustrated by Patricia Al Fakhri. I can't wait to read it and blog about it!

Abdullah and His Grandfather was published in 2008 by Jerboa Books. Jerboa Books is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is dedicated to producing top quality children's books with a focus on Arabia. I am so glad to have discovered this publisher!

Mardel of Rabid Reader has given Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind a Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you so much, Mardel!

By the way folks, Mardel is a really youthful and cool grandmother! :o)


Playing by the book said...

Looking forward to reading your thoughts about this book - although I had a puzzled smile when I first saw it as here in the UK there is a well known author called Andy McNab who is an ex SAS soldier and writes war thrillers (http://www.andymcnab.co.uk/) - I'm assuming it's not the same author??

Tarie said...

Hi, Zoe! I really don't know! When I was trying to find out who the author was, I only found Andy McNab the ex SAS soldier. I think I'll ask the publisher. :o)

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