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Illustrator Interview: Ariel Pang

Ariel Pang is my new favorite children's book illustrator! Ariel is from Taiwan and her works include: Fox Hatches the Egg Barky the Dog Sheep The Lion Who Wants Curly Hair Black Spoonbills Come for Winter Mongoose, Mongoose, Stop! Don't Run. The Outfoxed Fox P is for Pumpkin As you can see, Ariel's illustrations are just the cutest things. Bright, colorful, and playful. They are reviving . I'm really happy to be featuring Ariel and some of her works on Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind. Read on for my conversation with Ariel... Who are your favorite artists, graphic designers, and children's book illustrators? How have they influenced your work? I got influenced by many artists through time. But there are two artists who influence me the most. They are Bobby Chiu and Davy Liu . Bobby Chiu has this broadcasting thing named Chiustream on the Internet where he interacts with other artists in the world through his broadcasting. He shares his philosophy of how to