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Showing posts from July 18, 2010

Storytelling Saturday

I spent my Saturday at the SM North branch of Fully Booked , enjoying storytelling sessions from Adarna House . The children were so precious. So smart and animated. And I was really impressed by storyteller Dyali Justo . She had infinite patience with the children and was such a bundle of energy. She made the storytelling sessions truly entertaining and engaging. Some Adarna House authors and illustrators were there! Below are pictures of the children in line to get their copies of Just Add Dirt (Adarna House, 2009) signed by author Becky Bravo and illustrator Jason Moss . One of the picture books Dyali Justo read aloud was the wonderful Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu! (Adarna House, 2008). It's one of my favorite picture books. Nanoy Rafael writes so beautifully and Sergio Bumatay III is an amazing illustrator. I was able to snap this picture of the both of them at the event (Sergio Bumatay III on the left and Nanoy Rafael on the right) and I was SLAYED. I should attend more stor