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In other news . . .

Soon I'll be wrapping up my series of interviews with the winners of the first Philippine National Children's Books Awards and will be reviewing books again. I've bought or received some beautiful, impressive books from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and India, and I'm excited to discuss them here. I've also got some really great books from the U.S. with Asian and/or Asian American content. What have you been reading lately? Any book recommendations for Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind? :o) And oh! Have you seen The New York Times ' list of Best Illustrated Children's Books of 2010 ? Shadow (Chronicle Books) is on the list - it's the work of Korean illustrator Suzy Lee . (Is Suzy Lee still living in Singapore?) Big Red Lollipop (Viking), written by Pakistani Canadian author Rukhsana Khan and illustrated by Sophie Blackall, is also on the list. Woot woot!!

Children's book author/illustrators are rock stars.

Seriously. They are. Yesterday, I attended the book launch of Foldabots Toy Book 3 (K-Zone/Summit Media). Foldabots is a series of cut-out cardboard robots by children's book author/illustrator Jomike Tejido . Apart from the three toy books, the Foldabots can be seen monthly in K-Zone Magazine . The launch was a smashing success! There were lots of kids at the event and they were able to assemble Foldabots and be part of a game/contest. Assembling Foldabots is serious business. Here are more pictures from the launch. I loved all the kids! Ze line to get Jomike to sign a copy of Foldabots Toy Book 3 : There are few things better than kids geeking out over your books/products, respecting and admiring you, and thinking you are cool. =D Congratulations, Jomike! Linky, linky: Click here to read my interview with Jomike. Click here to visit Jomike's blog.