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Day 3 of the Asian Festival of Children's Content

On day 3 of the Asian Festival of Children's Content , I focused on all the events for the Asian Children's Publishers Symposium. The first event was a panel presentation by Misako Ohnuki (a children's literature professor in Japan and the director of the culture division of the Asia/Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO ), Sayoni Basu (publishing director at Scholastic India , and Mra Hninzi (a translator of French and English children's books in Myanmar). Ms. Ohnuki explained the production scheme that the ACCU uses for Asian children's books and came to the conclusion that a new mechanism is needed for providing and distributing children's content in Asia (I agree). Ms. Basu explained all the children's book business opportunities in India. Ms. Hninzi ended the panel presentation with an interesting and detailed history of children's literature in Myanmar. I learned, for example, that children's books in Myanmar are didactic (even religious) and that