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New Crayons 6-22-2010

New Crayons is a meme started by Susan at Color Online . It is about sharing the books one has bought, received, or borrowed over the past week - with an emphasis on books featuring people of color and/or written by people of color. I'm still busy reading children's and young adult books for a special project, so I haven't been able to read for this blog. But I did get some new books for the blog. My fabulous friend Corinne bought me two picture books in Taiwan! The first book is Spit the Seeds by Lee Chiu Lun (Hsin Yi Publications, 1993). It's in Chinese. But it comes with English translations by June Chen... And audiobooks of both the Chinese and English versions! The second book is The Little Stone Lion by Kim Xiong (Heryin Books, Inc.). The illustrations are GORGEOUS. I have the Chinese edition of The Little Stone Lion . You can buy the English edition here . My copy comes with audiobooks of both the Chinese and English editions, and a pamphlet (in Chinese) wit