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Showing posts from March 25, 2013

The Bangkok Book Awards

For having freedom of speech, tons of reading programs, and a strong publishing industry, Bangkok, Thailand is the 2013 UNESCO World Book Capital . To celebrate this honor, international schools in Bangkok are running the Bangkok Book Awards for the best children’s and teen books set in Thailand. I would really like to commend the ten amazing and hardworking librarians from these schools for putting together the awards shortlists. Over three months, they read children's and teen books set in Thailand and chose age-appropriate, high quality books available in English and still in print. Each shortlist includes at least one book by a Thai author and one book by an international author, books set in different parts of Thailand, and at least one book in translation from Thai. You can check out the picture book shortlist here , the junior book shortlist here , and the teen book shortlist here . They are a GREAT way to discover good children's and teen books set in Thailand. =D

What is Project Banig?

Watch the awesomely animated video below to find out! (Video in Filipino.)