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Illustrator Interview: Sergio Bumatay III (Part 2)

It says "Part 2" up there in the title because this is actually my second interview with Sergio Bumatay III , Filipino artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. Thank you, Serj! You can click here to read my first interview with Serj. =D In the first interview, I asked him about his influences and his creative process and I hope that serves as a good introduction to his truly amazing work. For this interview, Serj and I focused on his illustrations for the Philippine National Children's Book Award-winning picture book Tuwing Sabado , which was written by Russell Molina. (Click here to read my interview with Russell Molina and here to read about Tuwing Sabado and the Philippine National Children's Book Awards). For this interview, Serj also gave a tour of his studio (which he calls his play room)!! Hello again, Serj! =D What did you most like or find most interesting about Tuwing Sabado ? Aside from the big surprise towards the end, the story is interesting b