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Illustrator Interview: Sergio Bumatay III

Today, I have the great privilege of interviewing Filipino children's book illustrator Sergio "Serj" Bumatay III . Serj is the illustrator of: Basta Ayoko Pang Matulog!/I Don’t Want to Go to Bed Yet! by Luis Gatmaitan (OMF Literature, 2005) Tight Times by Jeanette C. Patindol (Adarna House, 2007) The Boy Who Touched Heaven by Iris Gem Li (Adarna House, 2007) Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu! by Nanoy Rafael (Adarna House, 2008) and Tuwing Sabado/Every Saturday by Russell Molina (Lampara Books, 2009) Serj, welcome to Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind! Please share a bit about your childhood. In an interview with PaperTigers , you said that you always knew that you wanted to draw and paint. What were you like as a young artist? When I was young, I loved to create many things and try interesting stuff like science experiments you can do in the kitchen, home made toys, and collecting many things. That curiosity and creativity motivated me to try art. I discovered I could draw by