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Author Interview: Neesha Meminger

Watch the book trailer for Shine, Coconut Moon by Neesha Meminger: Author Neesha Meminger 's debut work is Shine, Coconut Moon , an important and interesting young adult novel about the many complexities of family, identity, and living between two cultures. I've asked Neesha some questions to get to know more about her and her work. Thank you, Neesha, for answering my questions. And thank you very much for Shine, Coconut Moon - my wonderful gateway to learning about Indians, Indian Americans, and Sikhism! Can you please tell us a bit about your South Asian heritage? I was born in Punjab, India and we moved to Canada when I was five. I have been in the west since. My parents didn't speak a word of English, so we spoke only Punjabi at home, and only English at school. I think it took me a while to figure out both, but it's where my fascination with the rhythms of language, the importance of word choice, and the power of the word took root. Growing up, were you more lik