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Author Interview: Gidget Roceles-Jimenez

Gidget Roceles-Jimenez is the author of the excellent Can We? science book series from Adarna House . The series includes Can We Live on Mars?: A Book about Space , which won a Philippine National Children's Book Award this year. Can We Live on Mars? makes astronomy interesting, accessible, and relevant to Filipino children. Today, I have the great pleasure of sharing an interview with the book's author! Gidget, welcome to Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind! Why do you write nonfiction for young readers? What is it about nonfiction that you find so appealing? In the 10 years I have been writing, I have been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to write poetry, creative non-fiction and non-fiction for young readers. I started off writing poetry because I used to love reading funny poems to my children at night. Our favorite poet was Shel Silverstein. Other times my kids would prefer we make up stories instead of read them. Since my husband loved adopting all sorts