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Illustrator Interview: Bru

Let's continue getting to know the winners of the first Philippine National Children's Book Awards ! =D In my last post , I interviewed Gidget Roceles-Jimenez, the author of the excellent Can We Live on Mars?: A Book about Space ( Adarna House , 2009). Today, I have the privilege of interviewing Bru, the book's illustrator. Bru has brought along some illustrations from the book to share with us. Hi, Bru! And welcome! It's great to host you on my blog. What did you like most or find the most interesting about Can We Live on Mars?: A Book about Space ? The whole thing was fun. There was no one thing that stood out. It was a challenge actually, but I really enjoyed illustrating this book (except for the mechanical drawings of spaceships. It's like drawing cars. I am so not a gearhead). [Click on the image above to see a spread from the book. This image is courtesy of Adarna House. All rights reserved.] How would you describe your illustration style for Can We Live on