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Showing posts from July 9, 2013

Candy Magazine's Fiction Special

This month's issue of Candy , a magazine for Filipina teens, includes a fiction special! Pretty perfect timing, huh? :o) The fiction special includes three stories for older teens (ages 16-19) which are described as "super short, so-you stories that will change your life." I've read them and I wouldn't say that they will change readers' lives, but the stories are definitely about life changes: "Sparrows" by Leslie Lipa is about losing a mother, "Is there even a future here?" by Joanna Kennedy is about breaking up, and "Arrival" by Marla Miniano is about reuniting with an estranged father. My favorite is "Is there even a future here?" because it's a realistic and entertaining depiction of an "amicable breakup" that I feel will really appeal to older teen readers.   I wonder if Candy features at least one short story every issue. THEY SHOULD!