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Andy Mulligan and Chris Cheng in Manila

British author Andy Mulligan and Australian author Christopher Cheng were in the Philippines Nov. 18-20 for LOL (Lit Out Loud), the very first Manila International Literary Festival. I was fortunate to see them there. The setting of Andy's latest novel for young readers, Trash (David Fickling Books, 2010), is based on the Philippines and the protagonist is based on a young Filipino Andy knows personally. School Library Journal has named Trash one of the best books of 2010. The novel Andy is currently writing is set in India. Chris Cheng is of Chinese descent and is a very prolific - and an award-winning - writer of children's books. He writes at least four books a year! His next picture book, Sounds Spooky , is illustrated by Sarah Davis and is an example of a perfect marriage of text and illustration. Andy and Chris spoke about what was selling in the children's book market. I liked how Andy defined children's books as not stories written for children, but sto

Random Fact (11-24-2010)

The first children's book by a Japanese American writer was The Dancing Kettle by Yoshiko Uchida . It was edited by Margaret McElderry and published by Harcourt, Brace and Company in 1949.