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Visit the Philippine Booth at the Asian Festival of Children's Content!

Last week, I took a little field trip down to the office of Tahanan Books , a publisher committed to nurturing young people's passion for learning with books that celebrate Philippine culture and history. That's Josie, the sales manager. ~^o^~ I was excited because it was my first time at the Tahanan office and I was meeting with Tahanan editor Frances Ong to talk about the Philippine booth for the Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC) ! Isn't she a cutie?! We talked about illustrations we could display. . . Books to bring. . . Then over "Wicked Truffled Mac n' Cheese" we talked more about the booth for the AFCC and the possibility of the Philippines hosting the AFCC one year. (Okay, okay, I admit we actually started planning it.) If you will be at the AFCC in Singapore, May 26-29, please visit the Philippine booth. Meet authors, illustrators, publishers, and book reviewers from the Philippines! Check out our books and illustrations! Books of wonde